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Welcome to Eve Caring Centre

We like making our own choices. Which restaurant to go to for a Sunday lunch. Which doctor or dentist. Even which hospital. So, why not take charge of one of the most difficult decisions our families must make? In choosing a nursing home, specializing in treating the emotionally unstable loved ones?

Nursing home care for the emotionally unstable is often used following hospitalization. To ensure mentally ill individuals get extra time needed to get back on track after a mental relapse. There are often times when families are told to find a place to stay for their loved ones within a very short time before patient gets discharged. You could be overwhelmed. Making a choice in less than 24 hours! It is prudent to plan ahead and have an idea of "good psychiatric nursing homes" in your area.  Visit Eve Caring Center.  You will not need a second opinion. We take good care of members undergoing mental illness professionally and cost-efficiently.

A place you can call home

Home for the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed people filled with love & quality care.


What we believe a home should be...

A place where each person is an individual with different needs and attention
A residence without unneccessary rules and regulations.
A place where dignity, peace and comfort takes priority.
A centre providing tender loving care.
A meeting place where companionship, interest and activity flourishes.

Fortunately, the experienced staff at Eve Caring Centre will help you feel comfortable with your decision. For over ten years, we have provided the highest degree of professional and personal care for our residents. By combining acquired knowledge with the latest concepts in psychiatric health care, we have created a homelike environment. Whether your loved ones require short-term or long term nursing care, we attend to each and every individual’s need for care and love.



Eve Caring Centre is situated in a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood within an area of outstanding natural beauty of lush greenery. This tranquil setting provides an atmosphere of total relaxation and serenity. The home is conveniently located near by major hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor namely University Hospital.



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